1. What’s the turn around time?
Ans: Usually ETA is 3-4 weeks.
Sometimes, it takes 5 weeks after mockup has been approved.

2. Is the Material Stain resistant?
Ans: It is not stain resistant but the stains can be easily washed off.

3. What material is used? Are the uniforms heavy?
Ans: Dry fit light weight fabric is used 
and since it is very light, the players can play comfortably without any resistance.

4. Where are you based out of?
Ans: Texas

5. Can I put a sponsor logo on jersey?
Ans: Yes

6. Will the colours fade?
Ans: No, since its a full dye sublimation,
the best inks used for a perfect color.

7. Is there any shipping charges?
Ans: No shipping charges!
Free shipping!

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